The O's Safe Sound Series Presents

Kings of Prussia

A Tribute to Phish

at The Oriental Theater

Time: 7:30pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 7:00pm     Ages: 18+ / Bar with ID     Price: $15
This Event Has Ended

Kings of Prussia was formed in Summer 2018 by guitarist Jason Barnes and drummer Sam Bagjot, later adding keyboardist Jack Marty (Sqwerv) and bassist Zach Soczka (Amoramora) in 2019. Avid Phish fans since their own eye-opening concert experiences at Phish shows years prior, the four of them knew their passion and knowledge of the band needed to be shared. Since assuming their final lineup in mid 2019, Kings of Prussia has performed regularly in the Denver/Boulder Area. Notable performances include Phish 4 Kids with the Rock and Roll Playhouse at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins and the Bluebird Theater in Denver, as well as several stints at Your Mom's House. Pre-COVID, Kings of Prussia also had a semi-weekly residency at Denver Grateful Dead bar, Be on Key Psychedelic Ripple. Kings of Prussia's purpose encompasses several goals: 1.) To be as authentic as possible as a Phish Tribute Band. 2.) To capture and combine the greatest aspects of all eras of Phish, including: a.) The high-intensity, high tension guitar pyrotechnics of the early 90s. b.) The longform, creative jamming and technical precision of the mid 90s. c.) The funk grooves of 1997-1998. d.) The ambient stylings of 1999-2000. e.) The democratic, collective jamming style of the 3.0 era and massive songbook. 3.) To recreate all of Phish's greatest novelty performances, including dances, trampoline jumping, vacuum solos, vocal jams, and acapella renditions. 4.) To recreate the visual stage setup used by Phish, involving a multifaceted lighting rig operated by our own lighting director - Michael Voecks, who is familiar with the work of Phish Lighting Designer Chris Kuroda. 5.) To use the most authentic gear possible to recreate the incredible tone of instruments used by Phish. All Phish fans know that indescribable feeling that they've experienced at Phish shows. Kings of Prussia constantly strives to recreate that feeling. Can you still have fun?!