Tone Dynamix Presents The O's Safe Sound Series
*** CANCELED ***


with Bodies We've Burried

at The Oriental Theater

Time: 8:30pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 8:00pm     Ages: All Ages / Bar with ID     Price: $15
This Event Has Ended


8:00pm doors
8:30 - 9:15 Bodies We've Buried
9:45 - finish Fist Fight


Fist Fight comes out swinging like a heavy-handed bare knuckle boxer high on the smell of blood. “We are just a blue collar, working class, stomp metal, hardcore band.” says singer Dustin Hollmer smiling like he just got a free milkshake. “We don’t write songs about dragons or wizards and shit like that.  We write about real shit.  I went to work today and didn’t see one dragon. We write about the stuff that people want to say but are scared to say it.” Right from the first note, a Fist Fight show smashes the silence and demands the attention of everyone in the house. It’s like a real life Vegas championship fight unfolding right before your eyes. And in this corner……on the bass guitar…..hailing out of Denver Colorado by way of Las Cruces, New Mexico….Adrian “You would understand if you played an instrument you dumb man” Montoya! Thunderous bass deserves equally thunderous drums. Enter Joey “You guys want to Karaoke?” Cushman.  A perfect fit for the most important seat in the house, Joey has double kicked his way into the hearts of Fist Fight fans worldwide! This dude is an animal on the kit and leaves behind trails of sawdust in every venue they destroy. Don’t let his musical prowess fool you into thinking he is good at karaoke because he is not.  Nick Rich comes smashing down the door with a guitar tone so thick that it will give your driver’s license a black eye. Makes you need to check and see if your teeth are loose. What Nick brings to the table in technicality, Jon Maggard brings the swagger of a pro wrestler in a pink feather boa, shaking hands and making friends.  Street-ass homegrown confidence and attitude. To round it out, singer Dustin Hollmer will smack you straight in the eardrums with a vocal style that pays homage Hatebreed and Terror. No bull, no pulling punches. This group of guys are totally DIY in a world that watches signed bands struggle and fade into oblivion with little support from the mainstream. All of their music and merch are for sale online and at shows. All the tours are funded independently so buy some shit! Now you know the real story.